About Bree's

Bree's Foundation, established in 1997, assists the local coastal community with payments up to $200.00 for mammograms, Men and Women. We offer support and a variety of items for all those who have gone or are currently going through treatment. Bree's provides free prosthesis, bras, wigs, head coverings, and many other items to help ease their battle with Cancer on their road to recovery. Bree's helps educate the community of the dangers & preventative measures regarding Breast cancer primarily through educational health fairs and speaking engagements at community events.

Bree's Upscale Resale Stores offer high-quality new and used clothing, shoes, purses, accessories and more at an economical price. The Coquille store additionally carries items for children and teens. Everything in the stores is donated by our community members, who receive a Tax Donation Slip for their contributions.

Bree's carries the Original Essiac Herbal Tea Remedy made famous by Canadian Nurse Rene Caisse. It is an ancient Ojibway dried Herbal Remedy Mix Tea; containing Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Rhubarb Root and enhanced with Watercress, Blessed Thistle, Red Clover and Kelp.

Help us help others fight against Cancer in our local coastal community by joining the Bree's Family. Be a volunteer at one of our stores for a few hours a month. Spread the word of how Bree's can help by sponsoring and/or attending special events. Like, Friend & Follow Bree's Foundation for Breast Cancer on Facebook, or visit one of our stores.

A special thanks to these businesses that have supported Bree's Foundation: C & K Markets, Painted Zebra, Western Growers, Yellow Cab Company, Metrobru LLC, as well as numerous donations from local businesses and residents throughout the years.